How people feel in a space determines how they function. When in an office, hotel, home, apartment, a theatre, restaurant, museum, public gathering space or attraction – our health, happiness, and success is greatly affected by our environment. Debra understands and honors this human dynamic and has created the unique “EcoChiSM System”, which integrates Classical Feng Shui, Eco-Design and the human experience. Each consultation is conducted or supervised by Debra Duneier LEED® Green Associate, the Founder and President of Living Home by Debra, LLC.

Living Home by Debra assists business owners, corporations, hotels, spas, developers, architectural and design firms, real estate investors and individuals who live or work indoors. Like you, they come to us for holistic, integrated expertise utilizing an array of services—office and home EcoChi assessments, Feng Shui Design, Green Initiatives and Real Estate recommendations while paying close attention to client goals and budget. The art and science of balancing nature and energy flow promotes health, harmony, prosperity and ecological integrity.


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